White Rum Moulin du Loup


Moulin du Loup rums are produced from a highly fragrant sugar cane molasses. They combine this molasses with yeasts and ferment this mixture for a week. The must, the result of this fermentation, is then distilled in a traditional copper pot still. After 10 to 15 hours of distillation, this raw still rum has an alcohol content of between 70 and 80 percent and is the basis of all the rums they offer.

The alcohol percentage of Moulin du Loup rums varies slightly from one distillation to another to guarantee the taste of these artisanal spirits.

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As soon as it comes out of the still, Moulin du Loup rum is diluted and then quickly bottled to preserve the raw still aromas. This uniquely-tasting rum is unaged and has an alcohol content of around 45 percent.

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